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An artist’s illustration of artificial intelligence (AI). This image depicts AI safety research to prevent its misuse and encourage beneficial uses. It was created by Khyati Trehan as part...
An artist's illustration of artificial intelligence (AI). This image represents the ways in which AI can solve important problems. It was created by Vincent Schwenk as part of the Visualis...


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Explore ICT For Media’s comprehensive selection of products and services that cater to a variety of reliable news information and more in public health domain and tech in Nepal

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Health News Nepal

HealthNewsNepal.com – Delivering cutting-edge public health and technology news with a dedicated team across Nepal and beyond. Reliable health news from recognized journalists and medical experts.

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Tech Sansar

TechSansar.com – Technology navigator since 2009 focussing on Nepalese on tech and beyond. One of the oldest tech blogs from Nepal with global scale and reach, covering various facets of tech and more.

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Web Design

Custom web design for small businesses, we help you capture new audiences and increase your sales.

Self Care Isn't Selfish Signage

Graphic Design

Logos, merchandise, and more. Anyone can create nice graphics. We think it’s better to create memorable ones.

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Content Creation

Want to attract people to your website? You have to have the best content in the world. That’s what we do.


ICT For Media Pvt Ltd is a leading online media agency headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2020, our specialization lies in delivering cutting-edge public health sector information across the nation. Our flagship platform, “Health News Nepal” at healthnewsnepal.com, serves as a premier destination for public sector health updates. Additionally, “TechSansar.com” offers a wealth of technology news, AI advancements, and Windows-focused articles. Embracing a blue color palette, our dedicated team of journalists, media experts, and engineers extends our impact to all 77 districts of Nepal and beyond, ensuring comprehensive coverage and insights.


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